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With An Implant Retained Bridge
If you are missing a tooth, a porcelain-metal bridge may be a good alternative. Its inside layer is made of a strong metal for support of the tooth-like porcelain that provides a natural appearance. The bridge is cemented to the teeth that border the empty space.
If the space is left unfilled, it may be possible for the surrounding teeth to move or shift causing problems with the bite. Excessive force on the remaining teeth can result in their eventual loss.
Your dentist will take an impression that will serve as the mold for the temporary and the actual bridge.

Next, the dentist will remove the outer area of the teeth that will be used to support the bridge. This will allow for room to attach the bridge on top of the pillar teeth while maintaining about the same bite.

Another impression will be taken and sent to the dental lab for the bridge fabrication.

Once the bridge has been fitted adequately, the dentist will cement it to the prepared teeth. With proper care, the bridge will provide many years of service.

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